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Data privacy statement

Those responsible for the data processing

The recruitment management for the Chemgineering group will be set up at the Chemgineering Technology GmbH, Kreuzberger Ring 13 in 65205 Wiesbaden. The establishment of this center is made in accordance with the management of the other present companies. Each of the concerned companies is responsible for ad-vertising their own vacancies. 

If there are any questions, regarding the clarification of data protection that have not or not been clearly explained please contact us at We will try to get in contact with as soon as possible.

Purpose of the data processing

The Chemgineering group and the individual companies collect and process your personal data for the purpose of a contract of employment, in as far as it is needed to determine whether a contract of employment should be offered. The legal grounds can be found § 26 Abs. 1 i.V.m Abs. 8 S. 2 BDSG.

Furthermore, we may be required to process your personal data in order to coun-ter any legal claims made regarding the application process. The legal grounds can be found at Art. 6 Abs. 1, Buchstabe f DSGVO, an example would be procedural proof obligation according to the Equal treatment act (AGG).  

When it comes to a contract of employment between us, according to § 26 Abs. 1 BDSG we may already process the collected personal data for the purpose of a contract of employment, when this is for the initiation or termination of a contract of employment, or to fulfill or complete obligations made under a law or agree-ment, an operations or service agreement (collective agreement) concerning the rights and obligations of employees while ensuring their interests.

Processed data

The Chemgineering group processes data relating to your application.  This could be general data concerning yourself (e.g. name, address and contact details) and in-formation regarding your professional knowledge and skills e.g. your CV, refer-ences, assessments, as well as communication data in accordance with § 88 Abs.1 EU-DSGVO and in connection with § 26 Abs. 1 BDSG (new). Furthermore, we may process job-related information from the data made public by you e.g. a profile on a profession social media site. 

Internal access to the data

Within the company group, only specific departments and positions will obtain your personal data (e.g. human resources, specialist departments, managing directors), who require it in order to make recruitment decisions, as well as to fulfill (pre)contractual and legal obligations. 

If it is the case that you have applied for a position in another country, in order to carry out the application process your application will be forwarded to the specific departments and positions (e.g.  human resources, specialist departments, manag-ing directors) in the relevant location. This may result in the data being transferred to a country which does not offer adequate data protection in line with the EU’s requirements.  A transfer of data to such a third party would only occur after you have expressly given permission to do so, or the data protection law permits it. 

It should be taken into account, that your data within the company group will be forwarded to the offices where the position will be filled. An overview of our indi-vidual offices can be found using the following link: Please select the relevant country. 

Duration of data storage

We will keep your personal data saved for as long as it remains relevant to the de-cision regarding your application. In the event that a contract of employment be-tween yourself and us does not materialize, we may continue to store data but only in order to protect against potential future legal claims. As a result, your appli-cation documents will be deleted six months after a rejection decision has been made known, provided a longer storage duration is not warranted due to litigation. 

It should be noted that within the context of the application process, that if we are unable to promise a specific position that there is still the possibility of reviewing your profile once again for future vacancies. We will request express permission to do so via email, please accept if you wish to be added to our recruitment pool. Af-ter being successfully added to the recruitment pool, your data will be saved for a further twelve months after which it will be automatically deleted. 

You have the ability to revoke your consent to the use of your personal data, which will end its future use. An email sent to will suffice in order to do this. A revocation will consequentially result in the termination of the application procedure. 
You yourself are responsible for the accuracy of your given data. 

Your rights

As an applicant to Chemgineering, depending on the situation you will have access to the following data protection rights, the use of which can be exercised at any time by getting in contact via

a. Inquiry
You have the right to be informed on the processing of your personal data by us, as well as to access your personal data or copies of it at your request. This also covers information about the purpose of it’s use, the category of the used data, the recip-ients and those with authorized access to it, as well as, if possible, the planned du-ration of the storage of the data, and when not possible, the criteria for determin-ing this duration;

b. Collection, deletion or restriction of the processing

You have the right to demand that we immediately correct incorrect personal data regarding yourself. After taking into account the purpose of the processing, you also have the right to demand the completion of incomplete personal data as well as a supplementary explanation. 

c. Right to object

When it comes to the processing of your personal data on the basis of Art. 6 Abs 1  DSGVO, you have the right on the grounds based on your situation to appeal against or object to the processing of this data at any time. We will then cease to process this personal data unless, we can prove a substantial basis for the continu-ation that takes precedent over your interests, rights and freedoms, or in the case that the processing  is serving in the assertion, exercise of or defense of legal claims. 

d. Right to revoke

If the processing is based on some form of consent, you have the right to revoke that consent at any time, this though will not affect the legality of the processing that took place up until the point of revocation. To do this, you can contact us at any time via the e-mail address

e. Right to deletion

You have the right to request that we delete any personal information about you immediately and we are obligated to delete any personal information immediately if any of the following reasons apply:
•The personal data is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected or otherwise processed.
•You object to the processing in accordance with point 8.c above and there are no overriding legitimate reasons for the processing.
•The personal data has been processed unlawfully.
•The deletion of personal data is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation under Union law or the law of the member states to which we are subject.

This does not apply is the processing is necessary:
•to fulfil a legal obligation which the processing requires under the law of the union or of the member states to which we are subject.
•zur Geltendmachung, Ausübung oder Verteidigung von Rechtsansprüchen.

f. Right to restriction of processing
You have to the right to request a restriction of processing, as long as one of the following conditions is met:
•The accuracy of the personal data is contested by you, and after a period of time that allows us to verify the accuracy said personal data.
•The processing is unlawful but you decline to have the personal data deleted and instead request that the use of the personal data be restricted;
•we no longer require the personal data for the purpose of processing, but you need it to assert, exercise or defend legal claims, or;
•you have objected to the processing referred to in paragraph 8.c above, so long as it has not yet been proven to have legitimate grounds that would overrule your rights and freedoms. 

Where processing has been restricted in accordance with this point (e), such per-sonal data shall not be processed, other than with your consent or for the purpose of asserting, exercising or defending rights or protecting the rights of another per-son or for reasons of an important public interest of the union or of a member state, except where they are stored. If you have obtained a restriction on the pro-cessing, we will inform you before the restriction is lifted.

g. Right to appeal

Regardless of any other administrative or judicial appeal, you have the right to complain to a supervisory authority, in particular in the member state in which you are resident, at your place of work or at the place where the alleged infringement is alleged, if you consider that the processing of your personal data is contrary to the DSGVO.

Necessity of providing personal data

The supplying of personal data is neither required by law nor by contract, nor are you obliged to do so. However, the provision of personal data is required for the conclusion of an employment contract with the companies of the Chemgineering Group. This means that if you do not provide us with personal data when applying, we will not be able to enter into an employment relationship with you.

I have read and agreed to the data protection policy.

We will gladly assess your application with regard to other vacancies in our company group. In order to do this, however, we require your prior express consent. As part of our evaluation process, we may then submit your profile and application documents to other departments of our company.

You are free to withdraw your consent to this procedure at any time and without statement of reasons by sending a message to this effect to .